Sphaerostephanos heterocarpus spore


A fern of very wet rainforests, Sphaerostephanos heterocarpus can be easily overlooked as "just another Thelypteridaceae".   It has very slender stipes which have numerous small auricles and this is a characteristic which helps in its identification.  It has an upright rhizome which becomes trunk-like, but is quite weak and often becomes recumbent.   In very wet conditions the metre-long fronds arch nicely.  The numerous sori are covered by lovely mauve coloured indusia.

In order to develop to its best appearance, this fern requires plenty of water and lots of humidity.  Given these essentials, it becomes a lovely plant.  In cultivation, it needs to be in a very wet situation in shade.  The fronds are delicate and brittle so it needs to be placed in a sheltered area.  Fertilize regularly.

This spore does not require any special treatment.  Just treat like any other spore.

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Information and images from Australian Tropical Plants DVD ROM

Information and images from Australian Tropical Plants DVD ROM

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