Cyathea celebica spore

Cyathea celebica is a rare species of the fringes of rainforests of north-eastern Queensland.  It often occurs on creek banks, always in very wet situations at high altitudes.  The trunk of this fern is up to 30 cm in diameter and the crown diameter is about 5 m.  It is a striking plant with its dark green fronds highlighted by pinkish-beige coloured primary and secondary rachises; the undersides of the fronds have a covering of cobweb-like hairs that give a whitish-green  appearance.  Stipe bases are red-brown and have sharp, dark spines.

In suitable conditions, this fern is hardy and easy to grow, albeit very slow.   It needs light shade, plenty of room, high humidity and regular waterings.

This spore does not require any special treatment.  Just treat like any other spore.

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Information and images from Australian Tropical Plants DVD ROM

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