Revwattsia fragilis (Rev. Watts Fern) spore

Revwattsia fragile is a monotypic genus endemic to north-eastern Queensland, where it is known from only a very few locations.  This fern was first found in 1913 near Ravenshoe.  Until recently it had been seen by very few people.  However, much spore has been distributed to growers and fern enthusiasts and it is now available in the nursery trade.

This is a beautiful and spectacular fern when mature.  In a hanging container, its large, arching fronds of soft, glossy green present a pleasing sight.   One of the most interesting features of this lovely fern is the large, chunky rhizome which is covered densely with golden scales.  New plantlets can emerge from this rhizome.

Finding a position in the garden to grow this fern as an epiphyte presents some problems as it is a big fern and requires high levels of humidity.  In containers in a fernery or bush house it is much easier to maintain and grows easily.  As it is an epiphyte, it must have a very light mix that does not become water-logged.   Because of the size of its fronds it needs to be elevated and have plenty of room to spread.  Good air movement is essential, but keep it out of winds.

This spore does not require any special treatment.  Just treat like any other spore.

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Information and images from Australian Tropical Plants DVD ROM

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