Cyathea Exilis spore

 The rarest tree fern in the world - Only a small handful of these plants exist in the wild.

This tree fern will survive in temperatures at least down to 6 decrees C. It needs part shade and must never be allowed to dry out. Pot up in premium potting mix and use Osmocote for Natives fertiliser (low Phosphorous – Less than 3%) or Liquid fertiliser (not both).

Cyathea exilis is a small, clumping tree fern endemic to northern Cape York Peninsula where it is known from only one locality.   This fern is endangered in the wild but should be availabe for cultivation from fern enthusiasts and some fern nurseries, as large amounts of spore have been distributed to these growers.  

Cyathea exilis is a very slender-trunked tree fern that is reasonable easy to grow if given appropriate conditions.  It needs plenty of water and humidity and likes  an open situation in shade or semi-shade.  It does well in a large tub.

In twenty years of experience with this fern, we have found that the main trunk is not long-lived.  After about eight years the leading trunk loses vigour, the fronds become smaller and eventually the trunk dies.  However, the largest of the trunks clumping at the base of the original one takes over as the leader and it outpaces the others, which remain in a more or less dormant stage until it becomes necessary for one of them to replace the leader.

This spore does not require any special treatment.  Just treat like any other spore.

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Information and images from Australian Tropical Plants DVD ROM

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