Diplazium queenslandicum spore

Diplazium queenslandicum is endemic to north-eastern Queensland where it is confined to the ranges and tablelands above 500 m altitude, in very wet rainforest, usually in very wet situations.

This very beautiful fern can be grown fairly easily if given adequate moisture, an open shaded area and good humidity.  It does not like to be overgrown by other plants, so give it head-room as well as elbow-room.  Its delicate fronds are brittle so it needs its own space.   As a tub specimen for the fernery it needs a saucer of water under it in the hotter months.   In the garden it needs a sheltered nook under trees where it gets adequate water and protection from wind.   It will develop  a small trunk, but this is not very strong and eventually the weight of the fronds will cause it to fall along the ground.  This is normal behaviour for this fern and needs not cause alarm.  New roots will anchor the trunk and the growing tip of the fern will turn upwards and continue to grow.

When this happens to a tub specimen, remove all the fronds except the emerging croziers, cut off the old, soft root part of the trunk (removing all roots in the ground as well), repot the truncated piece, water it in well, place in a shaded area and give it recovery time.   Provided the plant is not subjected to harsh conditions it should recover, producing new roots and spreading its fronds.

This spore does not require any special treatment.  Just treat like any other spore.

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Information and images from Australian Tropical Plants DVD ROM

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Information and images from Australian Tropical Plants DVD ROM

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